Wrapper’s Delight: JQuery & JavaScript

I decided to take a look at The Telegraph’s story, “Wrappers delight,” by Richard Preston. The interactive site examines the success of Scottish sweet company, Tunnocks


My favorite thing about the site is the design. The boldness in color and clarity of the photos grabs the readers’ attention, and gives them the initial reaction that the site is aesthetically pleasing.  It was a good designing decision not to add too many other fancy designs, as to not overwhelm the eye.  


The way the text was arranged with simple and clean, with a white and black color scheme. An impressive feature of the site is the static background photos and the scrolling overlayed text. Paired together, it gives the user the illusion that both are moving on the page. 


The way the text is broken up between pictures really encourages the user to scroll to continue reading the story. The text scrolls up or down at the move of your mouse, which allows the content to either conceal or reveal the next photo in the story, which also adds to the user experience. 

Here I could see the I see some of the different divs in the website that signal the change of photos….


…as well as which effects were JQuery functions were coded. 

Overall all, I enjoyed the site because it the information was presented clearly without much distraction and yet, still being visually pleasing and interesting. 


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