What matters 2 us: jQuery, JavaScript

When you first get to this website, “What Matters 2 Us,” you see a navigation bar on the left side and then a grid of slightly opaque photos. As soon as you hover over a photo, the navigation bar disappears and the whole screen shifts right to bring just the photos into view. When you hover over a photo a caption pops up which is practical, but I think the bouncing animation is a bit distracting. what mattersWhen you click on a photo, a smaller window pops up with an individual video and accompanying text. From there you can click back to the main photo grid to choose a new story, or you can click the arrows in the upper left corner to scroll to the next story. I think this is a great use of variety in the navigation because it gives users multiple ways to access the stories. last bulletThis site uses jQuery and JavaScript. Here is an example of some of the coding it uses:

JavaScript:java jQuery:jquery




One response to “What matters 2 us: jQuery, JavaScript

  1. I really like the look of this as well. This would have made for a good design for “Little Known Secrets.” I’m wondering if the navigation on the side was part of the jQuery or not. I’d like to use a navigation bar like that in the future. Good find.

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