ReverbNation: hovering media player


One of my favorite music for finding featured free music is It’s got a very clean design with plenty of white space and I love the greyscale color with the red-orange highlights. When it comes to CSS techniques, the media player at the bottom of the page is a really clever element. It allows the user to start a song then scroll elsewhere on the page while keeping that song playing. If they want to stop the song, skip ahead or back, all the controls are right there at the bottom of the page.

RN_below the fold


The user can even navigate to a new page in the domain and keep the song playing, giving the user a lot of freedom. But all of that is way over my head. When it comes to the simpler CSS implementation, I like that they tacked it at the bottom of the page instead of the top. The top of your browser window is already dominated by your browser navigation, URL, your tabs, and ReverbNation’s own page header.

RN_media player

By thinking to put the media player at the bottom, it’s still in the familiar horizontal layout like we expect from iTunes et al., but it stays out of the way so the user can focus on material on the page. It’s a really clever design principle to consider when working on future designs.


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