Living Galapagos: Video background

The interactive site, Living Galapagos by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill uses  CSS to create a video background to add a subtle but interesting touch.

galapagosAlthough you can’t see it in this screenshot, the background is actually a moving image. I’m not sure if it’s a video or .GIF or how it works, but the waves, leaves and lizards all move. I think this is a fun touch that makes the website come to life. Here is the HTML and CSS:html


Both the HTML and CSS look relatively simple. You just add a “div class=video-background.”

The box that holds the first video is transparent, but when you click the play button the video loads and is viewed at full opacity. If you click “Stories” on the navigation bar, a similarly transparent menu pops up where you can choose other videos to watch.  If you click “Learn,” you see an interesting mix of infographics and social media and most interestingly, two games that are designed to help users learn about the Galapagos.

I love how this site uses good design and many different kinds of “junits” – there is text, video, photos, infographics, tweets, Instagrams, and more.


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