Banana Cafe

Banana Cafe is a fashion website that I stumbled upon on the Internet while searching for sites with impressive use of JQUERY and other design. The page catches attention right away as it pumps upbeat music on a loop right when you enter the page, additionally the use of primary colors as the blocks in a chaotic layout creates a bold feel, which works since it is a fashion website. 



A really awesome element of this site that I thought made it unique is the snowboarding video in the background that loops repeatedly. At first I assumed that this would be a JQUERY trick, but after looking at the coding it seems to be an element that is embedded in the html. 



This site DOES use JQUERY in it’s design, it uses it to link elements so if users click on a link like “Lookbook” or “Marca” the page automatically scrolls down to that element. This is something that I would like to include on my interactive site, one continuous page of elements instead of everything being linked for separate pages. Another cool aspect that I found is that when you scroll over one of the colored block elements that has clothes on it, it rotates to the back side, revealing that these squares are actually 3D cubes. When the mouse is moved, it rotates back to the front. 



This site uses some advanced techniques for making it interactive in a way that is intriguing and unique, but still totally functional for users. My goal is that I will be able to take some of the original ideas from this site and tweak them in a way that works for me as well while designing my site. 


2 responses to “Banana Cafe

  1. I really love this 3D transition effect! It immediately make the site interactive and helps draw user’s attention. I think a lot of times I want to combine different jQuery techniques, but found it hard to coordinate everything together. For example, I wish I could use this 3D effect, adding to effects of image-hover-text and clickable expanded views.

  2. I also really like this site. The colors are awesome and it’s very visually appealing. I wouldn’t have thought to just add the video in the html probably because jquery has been on my mind lately, so I like that there is a simple way to add a cool effect through basic html. I also think the “wait…loading..” page at the beginning is pretty cool. We don’t just have to stare at a blank page while it loads. We know we are waiting for something.

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