Javascript on USA Today

I greatly enjoy USA Today‘s use of JavaScript on its website.

One JavaScript technique found on this site is the hover effect. Each page on the website contains a grid of photos that, when clicked on, lead us to a story. The pictures include the type of story it is (ex: People, Opinion, National), the headline of the story and an image of the people involved in the story. When we scroll the mouse over the picture, the box becomes shaded, and then we can read the byline and description sentence of the story. The technique allows us to learn even more about the story before deciding whether we want to read it or not. Also, the use of photos as a way of capturing attention for a story is really effective and much more visually appealing than simply listing a bunch of headlines in a text format.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 3.32.43 PM

In addition, the site uses a sticky navigation bar on both the left and right sides of the container. The navigation bar is a simple arrow pointing left or right. When we hover over the arrow, we can see which section of USA Today we’ll land on once we click. In this sense, the navigation bar reminds me of reading a magazine or newspaper, turning one page after another. The user could scroll to the top of the container and use the navigation bar there instead, but the sticky navigation bar allows us to turn to the next section of the site without having to first scroll all the way back up to the top of the page.

Just about every page includes a  slide show, as well. Users can flip through pictures and decide which ones they want to look at and which ones they don’t. And not only can the users click on the small side arrows to get to the next photos, but they can also look at the bar across the bottom and simply click on a photo there to see a larger version of the picture. They don’t have to click on a slideshow and then wait for the slideshow to end before moving on to something else.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 3.33.57 PM

I feel as though the USA Today website caters to the wants and needs of its users. The site makes it easier for us to choose which content we would like to view. JavaScript serves a great purpose for


One response to “Javascript on USA Today

  1. I really like this site. It’s user friendly. It’s nice to have the shade come up when hovering on the grids. The tiny label at the upper left corner is very informational. Having two sticky nav helps users easily go to wherever they want whenever, instead of scrolling all the way up.

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