Mammoth Media CSS

Mammoth Media is a website dedicated to visual storytelling. The general feel is a sense of adventure and originality.

The first page on the site prompts users to watch a short video meant to give them a feel for the kind of work the company creates. It is a brief compilation of clips from a variety of their projects set to the tone of relaxing music. At the end it offers the opportunity to click on other work.

One of the features of this website that I particularly like and wanted to learn for my assignment was how to have my photos become transparent when I scrolled the mouse over it though I could still see the picture. It also displays the title of the project. The only thing that I would criticize is the fact that clicking on the photo box itself does not take you to the page.
Another element I like about this design is that the side navigation bar is fixed and everything that scrolls is constrained to the box with all of the projects. The elements are right next to each other, but the organized grid makes it so that it doesn’t look overwhelming. Overall this is an easy to use site with great CSS that makes it visually appealing and easy to function for users.

One response to “Mammoth Media CSS

  1. I love the image hover effect as well. I figured out how to hover the image transparent while showing the title, but didn’t know how to add a button, for example, the “View Photos” showing after you move over the mouse to the image.

    Another aspect I like about this site is the clean arrangement of different sections. There are two fixed navigations on the left and the bottom. The main content areas was like independent, and you are actually able to open and close video frame within that section. It’s really neat.

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