A Broader Look at the War Across Syria – NYT

This article is a simple example of how the New York Times presents some of their multimedia. It’s not too flashy or has an over-the-top design. It’s simply photos and videos organized on the page in order to tell a story that can mostly only be told visually. The text serves mainly as “captions” to the photos or videos that are being shown. These one line sentences can look a little odd between the numerous YouTube videos they have linked to the page, but I think the simplicity of the text allows the viewer to focus on the visual media.

1The page opens with a beautiful photo of destruction that almost leads the viewer into the site. We simply just scroll down the page to keep going.


The page also contains numerous maps to point out various locations of fighting in Syria. This supplemental media really adds context to the story. The videos are linked from YouTube, since I’m sure it would be hard to get footage. The quality is not the best, but the videos are really interesting to watch. They are set up in a grid-like style that is easy to navigate.


However, the problem with linking YouTube videos is that they often get taken down or deleted. In this instance, there is a video on the site that is no longer available. I feel they should recognize this and take the video down or replace it with something else and wait for the video to stream again (if it does). This message is somewhat annoying, and I can see how it would bother the viewer.

Overall, the site was a simple way to navigate through visual information and provided a lot of great video. It was lacking in text, but I believe the site was being purposeful in their decision to focus on the visual elements of this story.


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