People killed by gun violence since Newtown

This package is so simple, yet so effective. It is an interactive explainer from Slate that answers the question, “How many people have been killed by guns since Newtown?

You start at the top with an explainer that says these numbers are well below the actual statistics, and it explains why.


Next there is a really interesting map created with the statistics of the gun deaths.


Now comes my favorite part. As you continue to scroll down, there are people representing every person killed by gun violence in the US that they could find a news report for. 



I think this is a really simple way to show this, which is why it is so effective. This entire piece is extremely simple but the simplicity is what makes it impactful. I also really like that this is an open source of information that anyone can use, and I like that they are taking information from users and will be updating it. Overall this was a very effective way to show this and I love that they kept it simple. It was very easy to navigate and understand.




2 responses to “People killed by gun violence since Newtown

  1. I’m amazed by the effort of the designer/reporter/editor in order to put these victim’s data together. I think this site is a great example of making things simple through lots of hard works. However, I wonder how many people would actually go though the small icons and read the article. In terms of web design, I think the page provided a good sense of the amount of gun violence victims, but not necessarily covered other relevant areas, such as related policies or public reactions.

  2. I really like this page. I think that the map is a really good way to show how widespread the issue of gun violence spans. The designer obviously paid a lot of attention to the details of the site by taking the time to connect each small icon to an individual death. As far as functionality goes I don’t think that people will necessarily take the time to look at all of them, but I do like the personal touch it adds to the design.

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