“The Other 9/11” – Critique

For this week’s blog post, I critiqued SBS’s “The Other 9/11.” This website utilizes multimedia to a great extent to explain the 1973 overthrow of then-Chilean president Salvador Allende – an event the SBS calls “the other 9/11.” After spending some time on this site, I reached the conclusion that the design of “The Other 9/11,” as well as its brilliant use of multimedia, makes the site user-friendly and informative.

“The Other 9/11” includes a lot of information via multimedia. The site consists of four different chapters, all of which have their own text, video, photo and audio components. In addition, the website includes official documents that provide even more information about Allende’s overthrow.


“The Other 9/11” is a website that seems to have a purpose of informing its audience members. Therefore, the website’s audience members probably include those who do not know much about the overthrow of Allende, or who wish to know more about this historical event. Other audience members might be those who hold a strong interest in history. After all, the website contains a number of historical elements that may prove useful to people wanting to find out more about this specific event that occurred in the ‘70s.


This site is simple and easy to navigate. The text is large and bold and therefore grasps the attention of its users right away. Also, one of my favorite aspects about the site is its navigation bar because it includes links to the four different chapters of the website. Therefore, instead of having to scroll all the way down the home page to read chapter three, a user needs only to click on the “chapter three” link on the navigation bar.


Also, the website makes it apparent that “The Other 9/11” is an ongoing story. This is especially evident in chapter four, where SDS covers two women still alive today who were affected by the overthrow. The section provides photos of the women  – some of the photos were from the 70s, and some were from present day. Again, this demonstrates that the overthrow of Allende is a topic still discussed today.


In conclusion, “The Other 9/11” is a historical, informative site. The website is easy to navigate despite its heavy use of multimedia. I had a pleasant user experience while visiting this site.


One response to ““The Other 9/11” – Critique

  1. Casie- this site is awesome! I really like the way the information flows. I think it is a really clear design and it’s easy to learn a lot from it. I also really like the incorporation of other content like the videos, photos and classified documents. Nice choice!

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