Timeline of Edward Snowden, by Al Jazeera

The site I choose is mainly a timeline of Edward Snowden’s revelations by Al Jazeera.

屏幕快照 2013-10-08 上午12.42.32

I think there’s no need to explain the PRISM and Edward Snowden case. It was one of the biggest things during the summer. Lots of news organizations did reports on that, also some did the timeline. But I found Al Jazeera’s very easy and clear to navigate among all those sites.

There are two ways you can go through the timeline:

1) drag and click on the timeline at the bottom;

屏幕快照 2013-10-08 上午12.44.17


2) click the arrows to go to the time mark next to the current one.

屏幕快照 2013-10-08 上午12.43.33屏幕快照 2013-10-08 上午12.43.28

Users can zoom in or out on the timeline to see better intro of the events.

屏幕快照 2013-10-08 上午12.44.30

All the events come with a short summary, several news reports links, and a photo or a video by the side.

屏幕快照 2013-10-08 上午12.43.57

One thing I really like is that every event displays is very clear and short, which is much easier to navigate.

屏幕快照 2013-10-08 上午12.43.07

The intended audience for their coverage can be anybody, who cares about national and international news and security, inside and outside the States. Since it’s already months after the first leak, but the Snowden issue will not end in short turn. A timeline can help users to recall the case at any time they want.

I think timeline is perfect for this story. Since there are tons of follow-up stories of the PRISM, a well-organized timeline is perfect to present the story for people that are bored reading everything for the issue. Al Jazeera probably will continue to add on events on the timeline if there’s any updates.


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