Blog 4: War Torn

I decided to review the New York Time’s “War Torn” series for my blog post. The series covers cases of violence committed by war veterans as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder.


The series index has a lot of content on the page, which looks crowded causing the page to be a little visually disorienting at first glance. There are two divided sections in the series index labeled “Articles in the series” and “Multimedia.”


The site does not direct users through its different articles and multimedia, but it does a good job of labeling its content so that users can guide themselves through the material based on their interests. There are plenty of articles and a lot of multimedia content.



One thing I wish the designers did for this series was to somehow integrate the presentation of the stories.  Although they are the same topic, there does not seem to be much connection between them in the way they are presented. There is no way for readers to go from article to article. Instead they must go back to the index to browse through the content.

I think the user experience would be a lot better if the content was presented more cohesively. If users had the ability to go from article to article, and from one multimedia gallery to another without having to go back to the same plain index, their experience would be more engaging and exciting.


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