This is a site that I stumbled upon during by freshman year at Mizzou and later found out that it was run by a graduate from my high school. I stopped following it when Kourant 1.0 was taken down to be reworked. It was relaunched this August, and we got this…

Kourant_top of page

As you can see it’s… not much to look at. That red is way too much for my eyes to look at. The Kourant I followed a couple years ago was dedicated to curation, essentially. They did an especially good job of following only the most pressing news – international but focused stateside – and giving updates to ongoing stories. You can find this same model in smartphone app form using Circa. Kourant is still dedicated to simplicity, minimalism and efficient news delivery, but they have dropped the curation aspect of their original model.


Their new standard operating procedure is to link to the top stories from major publications, free of curation. It’s definitely easy to understand, easy to navigate, and the links open in a new tab. It’s actually a tidy little operation, even if their chosen shade of red is pretty ghastly. My only complaint lies with their page navigation.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 5.51.26 PM

You can page through their top story postings, but pages are sorted by number of stories to a page. It would be infinitely tidier if you could navigate by day, week, month, etc. There’s also no search or sort function, no tags, no way of tying together associated stories. Though the minimalist design and structure is easy to understand, it’s too spartan at the expense of some pretty basic functionality. And did I mention that shade of red? Because it’s seriously really bad. But I digress. Kourant.com has room for improvement.


One response to “Kourant.com

  1. The red color really overwhelming, but I want to read you talk about usability actually.

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