Usability and User Experience: Reuters

Reuters home

  • Usability: A-

  • User experience: A+

I’d give the Reuters website an A- in usability. You can get quick information just from looking at the header such as stock tickers and breaking news alerts. It is easy to distinguish click-able links because they are all in blue. The page is clearly broken up into defined sections: navigation on top, stories in the main section and Opinions and ReutersTV in the sidebar.

A flaw in the usability are the sub-headings in the navigation bar – some of them are confusing. For example, under “Business” —>”Summits.” I don’t know if I should click on it or not because I don’t necessarily know what a summit is.

reuters nav

I’d give the site an A+ in use experience because the design is pleasing to the eye. The typography and color scheme are accurately match the Reuters sleek and authoritative brand. Additionally, color choices and font sizes help create a clear visual hierarchy. For example, the headlines are in blue in the largest font, the first few sentences of the article are in a smaller-sized font and the authors’ names and time stamps are in the minuscule-sized font because those details are not immediately important.


2 responses to “Usability and User Experience: Reuters

  1. is exceptionally organized; I know exactly where to go if I want world news, or national news, or business news, etc. My only confusion is with the latest headlines. Why do the latest headlines have two different sections? The main section at the top includes recent headlines, but so does a section near the bottom of the site. I suppose the only difference between these two sections is that the section near the bottom organizes the latest headlines into categories based on the beat of the story (business, market, world, etc.). My question is, how do the site’s developers decide which latest headlines appear near the top of the page? Other than that, I think this site is extremely navigable, and the layout of the page is beautiful.

  2. I think reuters did very well info organized. look at its article page, on the right of the main article photo, there are many share button, it is very easy for sharing. And it switched the traditional way of main article at left and sidebar on the right, I think the sidebar still very interesting and it can keep readers to be sticky on its site.

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