Usability and User Experience: NPR News

For this post I will be reviewing the news section of


Overall, I think this website does follow Krug’s five guidelines for capturing audience’s attention. I think it has a good flow and it is obvious what is of descending importance on the page. I also think the separate topics featured on the website are clearly defined an accessible in multiple ways, which makes the user experience even easier. The only problem I think this website has with the five guidelines might be that noise could potentially be minimized more, but I don’t think this is the worst case of clutter I have ever experienced on a news site. It is certainly more simple than many of the other sites I frequently read.



I also like that on the home page, each story has a corresponding photo with it. I think this visual element adds to the organization, and the photo also makes me want to read the story more. 



I also think the sidebar adds a lot of useful information and options for the website. I like that there is a rolling bar of AP updates but there are also links to blogs and the more specific topics that NPR covers. 


If I had to change usability I would make the menu within the news section different. I think these tiny links are kind of weird and don’t really fit the design of the rest of the website. I think this could be better integrated into the website, like maybe a dropdown from the black news tab at the top.



2 responses to “Usability and User Experience: NPR News

  1. I use NPR daily, I really like the design of NPR. About the user experience, I would like to say its tablet design is much better than its website.

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