Usability and User Experience: Newsweek Magazine

The first impression of the main page of Newsweek Magazine is humorous and colorful. A reader immediately sees big fonts and short captions, which can grab the attention right away. I think this quality satisfies one of Krug’s five guidlines: “minimize noise”. The website seems very plain and simple, but delivers its point directly to its readers.

Newsweek main

Also, I like the table of contents. It’s on the right upper corner of the main page, which is very easy to notice and click. When a reader clicks it…

table of contents

this list pops out. Each issue is categorized under the issued date, so a viewer can easily find an article from an issue they want to look at. Also, this list clearly shows what articles are included in each issue with a photo and headline. I think this meets two of Krug’s guidlines: “break pages up into clearly defined areas”, and “make it obvious what’s clickable”.

I also believe that the magazine takes a great advantage of its website design. When a reader scrolls down just a bit from the main page:

main page-scroll down

articles from the table of contents are organized more clearly and presented with more details. This can evoke readers’ curiosity for each story. From such quality, the webpage definitely “takes advantage of conventions”.

However, I’m not too sure if the site “creates a clear visual hierarchy on each page”. If a reader scrolls down further, he or she is automatically directed to the previous issue. Therefore, the website is organized according to the issue date, that’s for sure. But I don’t know if the issue date has anything to do with clear visual hierarchy.

Overall, Newsweek Magazine’s website is simple and creative, able to grab readers’ attention immediately. It’s easy to navigate, and stories are easy to read through because the font sizes are bigger than those in other news websites. I’d say it definitely satisfies both usability and user experience.


3 responses to “Usability and User Experience: Newsweek Magazine

  1. I definitely agree with you that this is a very creative website. I love the boldness of everything- the font, the colors and the layout. The photos are strikingly high quality and I absolutely love the scrolling feature that was done in accordance with the photos where the photo is revealed/concealed as the viewer scrolls up/down. Also, not every article has this particular feature, which is really cool because you never know which articles will have this function and it adds a bit of mystery to the user’s experience.

    There is a lot of white space on the page, which contrasts nicely with the bright colors that were selected. This makes the page eye-catching without being too busy or crowded.

    I like that I have the ability to browse through articles by clicking the arrows on either side of the current page I’m on. One thing that I’m not a huge fan of is the never-ending scroll on the site’s homepage- it reminds me of a blog, but I will say that there are cool background images to look at while you wait for the scroll to load older articles. I agree with you that there doesn’t seem to be much page hierarchy in the layout.

    Overall, the great photos, simple layout and color choice makes this site visually appealing. I definitely agree that this site provides good usability and user experience.

  2. I really like this web design, too. Creative design really sets this website apart from regular ones which want to stuff as much information as possible into the first page, as we often see.
    I like the idea to organize each section by picture, with much of the text content left out for those who are interested enough to click. Actually, I don’t think leaving the text out on the main page will turn some viewers away. On the opposite, if those eye-grabbing pictures can’t rise their interests, they won’t take interest in the content even if they click on it. And focusing only on picture makes the page nice and clean.
    I also like the way the Table of Content floats over the main page. However, one problem, I think it might not be obvious enough. If if were not for your tip, I wouldn’t have noticed that and would have gone straight to the pictures below. But luckily, the content listed in the Table of Content was also given enough importance down the page, that way, at least I won’t miss the good content.

  3. I think this site is amazing. It breaks the regular thinking about that a news site should be, how do we deal with the design for serious news story. The big contrast of color, the visual oriented story reading. Especially how do they organize the information with text, photo and other small pieces of news unite. PS: I really like the design of typography, it is big enough size with very comfortable reading.

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