Newsy: Usability and User Experience

I decided to look at the usability and user experience on Newsy’s Web Site, because it is a site I frequently visit.


Newsy is a video news site, and if I had never visited the site before I’m unsure if I would know of that due the layout. We immediately see the “latest news” and the three videos with the play button in the center which are on a moving cycle, so we get to see the various images for each story. Other than that, the rest of the page could be just articles with a photo. I personally like this immediate navigation for the latest news stories being on the top — as in the first thing you see– because they are keeping you up-to-date, so to speak. To the right of the top of the page, they have a search bar which is great if you already know the title of a story. Their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts are linked directly underneath the search bar. I think this information would be better suited for the very top or bottom of the page, and perhaps they could fill the right column with trending twitter feeds or social media info that involves the public rather than Newsy itself.


As you scroll down, the videos are aligned perfectly in the middle of the page. They have the videos categorized into “Trending Now” and “Recent Videos.” It is very simple to access these videos by clicking on them. However, I think they should have a play symbol on these videos as well. Perhaps the video could be embedded within the page when you click on it or pop out of the page, so we wouldn’t be directed onto a completely different page if we were just wanting to watch a quick video and go on to another one. There is an arrow to the side of each row of videos. By clicking on the arrow, the videos scroll and you get to see three at a time. You must click on the arrow. It may be easier to navigate if we could simply scroll over the arrow.


Once you click on a video, you can watch it while also reading the transcript which is placed below the video and can be viewed by clicking a down arrow that says “View More.” The navigation at the top and bottom of the page remains the same, so you can easily get back to the home screen or select from one of the categories “World, U.S., Politics, etc”. By organizing the videos into groups, it’s easier to navigate content based on what you are looking for. While watching a video, there is also a scroll bar to the right of the page where more videos of that “category” will fall. For instance if it is “Latest News”, the other “Latest News” videos will appear in that scroll box.

Overall, I think the site is pretty simple and easy to navigate. I would change how clicking on the video directs you to a different page. I think that should be an option. If you wanted to read the transcript and view the video on a different page, there should be a link provided to click on. Otherwise, I think the video should have a “play” button and that video will appear in the same window with an “x” to exit, returning you to the home screen.


3 responses to “Newsy: Usability and User Experience

  1. I agree that the simplicity of the site is generally enjoyable, and that it is fairly easy to navigate. I also had a problem with the different pages on videos. Overall I think it is organized logically and simply, but there are a few key issues with the design and usability.

    When trying to find older videos, or more videos on a particular subject the site gets kind of confusing. While simple navigation goes fairly smoothly, once you try to get to different videos it becomes a little bogged down.

    However, overall I think the site applies to Krug’s guidelines and generally has no major issues with usability.

  2. I do think Newsy’s website is clean and well organized: featured video in the middle, social promos by the side, and even a good quote leading to a video nearby. The usability is great. Everything is well categorized, and navigation is easy. But there’s one thing I really don’t like. When the user click “more video” at the very end of the video list, more videos show up. However, after the user clicked a video and goes back after watching, the user needs to click that many times “more video” to go to the same point where he/she left. That’s the shortage of the design. The user experience can be worsened by this. But overall, the design and navigation is satisfactory.

  3. I found that problem too, I mean “more video”, more clicking. But Newsy’s design still well organized.

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