A Year in Pictures

This was an interactive piece I found on the NYTimes site. The story describes the year 2012 with pictures and a short amount of text. The pictures are very vivid and rich with action.
Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 11.41.34 AM
The navigation on the site is very easy to use and is clearly accessible for the user. It is located at the top and is highlighted on the month that is being previewed. I was easily taken to the correct month in 2012 and was never unsure of it. Within the pictures, you can also see more images and text explaining that particular month in 2012.
Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 11.44.40 AM
All the pictures are from the world and tend to focus more on the bad in the world. That would be my only negative critique for this project is that the pictures are swayed to more graphic and gory images to add a more shock appeal aspect. I would also liked to have seen the date of the event more prominently displayed. The date of the event is only mentioned in the caption and should be more largely displayed for the user.

One response to “A Year in Pictures

  1. This was a really neat idea to document an entire year through the use of photos. Also, I liked how we can simply click on the small circles near the bottom left-hand side to see a new photo; not only is this an effective way to click through the slide show, but it also allows us to see which times of the year had more going on. (For example, November and December had a lot more event pictures than May and June.) This site is easy to navigate, and the text pieces at the beginning of each slideshow are informative. I also like how the designers organized the photos by each two-month period; instead of one long slide show of ALL that happened throughout the past year, we have separate, shorter slideshows documenting two-month periods of the year. Like you, Danielle, I wish the captions were a little more prominent, but I still think this is a neat site.

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